Why Use a Short Sale Specialist

Experts to Sell Your Home Fast

Michael Mergell, a short sale specialist, uses his personal experience to sell your home fast:
Michael Mergell | Short Sales Indianapolis

  • Over 22 years of experience in the real estate business
  • Owns and manages Indy Home Help
  • Part of the Mergell Team / Keller Williams
  • Certified Distressed Property Experts® (CDPE)
  • Short Sale Closing average success rate is 91%
  • Has personal experience when he found himself in a short sale situation over 7 years ago

He learned firsthand how to work through the circumstances to building this business as the MOST experienced Short Sale Team in Central Indiana.

Short Sale Specialist: Certified Distressed Property Experts®

Mergell and several on his Indy Home Help team are also Certified Distressed Property Experts® (CDPE), real estate professionals who have completed required training and demonstrated specific understanding of the complex issues of foreclosure avoidance options available to homeowners.  The Indy Home Help team is ready to assist in selling properties, foreclosure consultations, negotiating with lenders and take the stress out of this process for our clients.

The developers of the CDPE Designation believe that the best course of action for a homeowner in distress is to speak with a well-informed, licensed real estate professional. They have the tools needed to help homeowners find the best solution for their situation. Often, when other options have been exhausted, CDPEs can help homeowners avoid foreclosure through the efficient execution of a short sale.

Short Sale Closing average success rate is 91%

Likewise, Indy Home Help is affiliated with Keller Williams, and their associates make their living in the same communities in which they live, thus creating a deep personal interest in the customers they serve. This Indy Home Help – Keller Williams relationship has also been enhanced because of our relationships with banks. Indy Home Help’s Short Sale Closing average success rate is 91% as compared to the National Short Sale Closing rate of 21% because of the amount of short sale loans with the banks.

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